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by Céline


Reconnecting with our true essence

As a mindfulness trainer and an performance artist, I’ve made it my mission to guide and help those who seek to reduce their stress, to transform their traumas and to reconnect with their true essence by applying meditation, body and voice techniques. I offer group and private courses for individuals and organizations, so I hope you’ll find what suits you. All the courses can be given in English, French and Dutch.

My Story

After obtaining my master’s degree in Criminology, I started working for several years as a social worker for disadvantaged youngsters offering vocational workshops to young people between 6 and 25 years old with difficult socioeconomic backgrounds.

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3 hours

Mindful Journey through music, dance & voice


On request

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1 Hour

Online Sessions

1 Hour

Personal Guidance in Person

New Programs
2 hours to trajects of months/years

Deconstructing Racism From Inside Out (in collab with the Resilience Movement)

Online & In Person

On request

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“If we cannot think clearly and respond wisely, we will continue to damage the world’s heart.”

Ruth King