Personal Guidance in Person

1 Hour   1 Participant

If you feel that all above services are interesting, but you are not able to do 8 weeks or you feel you want private guidance, adapted to your needs and schedule, you can also opt for this service.The private guidance is a service I offer that will be created together with you. We will have a conversation first to find out what you really need, because often we think we need some things, but after questioning that, we realise that there are other things hidden underneath that need. Once we find out what is really needed, we can focus on practising together.
60 €
1 Hour
1 Participant
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Other Sessions

2 hours to trajects of months/years

Deconstructing Racism From Inside Out (in collab with the Resilience Movement)

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3 hours

Mindful Journey through music, dance & voice


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1 Hour

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